yamalube 4r 10w-50

i picked up a couple quarts of this because the dealer said that it was a good oil. now im sure all oils are good, being they are used what they are meant for, but this oil isnt in the manual. so basically i want to know if this is a safe oil to use on my 04 yz450f?

its not a bad oil in my manual the oil you use is recomanded at certain temps and 10 50 is just as good as 10 40 unless you ride in colder weather

That's what I use in my 426 :cry: Do a search on oil and you will find more information than you ever wanted :cry:

I've been using that stuff in my bike since it was new and have had no problems with it. The thing I don't get is the manual. On the US part it specifies 20w-50 or so, and on the international spec. it calls for 10w-40 across the board. What gives? Are US oils different?

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