Ridin a 05WR450?

This goes out to new owner's,tell me about this bike,05 only guy's,I've got 28yrs.exp on 2-stroke racer's an 120 easy brake in mi. on a 4-stroker,04 KTM 625sxc. I'm interested in maybe gettin one down the road and want a rider's opinion on it after he throw's a leg over an put's her in gear, the katoom has very good power, I like, alot of engine braking I don't, how is the WR on eng. braking, is it flickable in tight wood's, I haven't seen test's out for it yet so I'm askin you guy's ...........01YZ250(brand new,rare find) setup 4 harescrambles......04 KTM 625sxc 4-sell :cry:

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