New MX park in MD

Anyone been to the new MX track in Easton MD?check out the site I have been riding there since they opened last winter.This place rocks.well groomed courses and a sprinkler system to prevent dust.You can rent the park for a day or come ride on friday saturday or sunday. non members pay 40 a day ama members 30 a day.yearly membership $125.00 pay 20 per ride. unlimited riding $500 per year no entrance fee's.theree are 3 beginner courses for the kids a nice intermediate course an atv course and a smokin expert track.unbeleivable doubles and triples.if your gonna make a trip of it make sure you call ahead or check the website.


98 yz 400

01 ttr90-8yr old sons

01 pw 50 -4 yr old sons

You mean the Maryland Guistapo hasn't figured a way to shut it down yet? Lived in Maryland most of my life and, Thank God, in Western Maryland....far from the freaks!

Glad to see there is something worthwhile there now.

Eastern Maryland is almost as nice as Western Md, though :D .

If we could cut out the mid-section of Maryland, it would be a great State :)

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