Chapparral Sidewalk Sale next weekend.

Any TTers hitting the chapparral sidewalk sale next weekend? Best deals, usually 30-50% off on gear. Located in San Berandino, CA.

i wouldnt go to a chapparral sale if they were giving stuff away.since i cant think of anything positive to say about chapparral and there customer service i wont say anything at all.

Hey Freestyle,

I can understand your gripes with Chapparral. I've never been impressed with the store in San Bernadino, and the last time I order through the catalog I got a grumpy operator with an attitude.

But thier sidewalk sale is a totally different deal. All Chapparral does is provide the parking lot space for all the other venders. The last time I went, I picked up a new pair of Sidi's for $100 bucks where they retailed for $225. I showed up there with $200 cash in my wallet and after the choas walked away with stuff that retailed for nearly $500 from the Chapparal catalog.

The whole sale is to provide an outlet for the smaller vendors to unload thier 2002 products. There is no requirement to deal with Chapparral and by going there you're providing business to other guys.

No joke...I think we can take trails from vegas to chapparall. Only problem would be getting the stuff home.

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