Off Road Lighting for XR650?

I've been looking at Baja Designs web site for race lighting. I'm not sure which way to go. I want to be able to go night riding. I also want to Dual sport the bike even if I have to switch lighting systems. I was told that the H.I.D. Tecate system is a good one to buy. I'm not sure if I can afford that right now.

What are some more options for lighting up grades.


The 100 watt glass headlight with rewound stator is a lot of light. I've run in the dark the single line trails here in N Mich. and the Dragon in Tenn. with that setup and it's good,(lots of fun too!). Won't cut it in Baja but is cheap and easy.

I'd like someone to report on the lead-dog helmet light.

I figure if I mounted two of em on my helmet I'd look like an alien. Or hell, if I could mount a light bar on my helmet I could probably have 4 or 5 of them up there. They'd come in real handy for coon hunting.

Hi Moredesert,

Baja Design's rewound stator, glass lens, PIA Superwhite 80/80 is good lighting for night riding. They will also want to sell you a regulator and modified engine case to house the new stator. In my opinion, this set-up is good for all desert night riding. This has been fully tested on my bro's dual-sported XR650. Of course, racing would require the Best set-up...HID?

As you may know, Trailboss can get you going at Baja Designs. Tell Chris I said hello!

Thank you!


Mike, I agree with "dutch". Do the oem glass lens replacement. They work great and it's totally cost effective.


Thanks Guys,

I ordered a 85w PIAA super white bulb today from Baja Designs to run in the DRZ for this weekends trip to Carson City. I'm going to try some night riding and the DRZ has a ~200 watt coil in it stock so It was a cheep fix for this week end. I'll be riding with a guy who has race lights on his XR so I'll see first hand the differences. I guess I should take the first step and buy a lighting coil and go from there.

Bing, 10-4 on Chris


One more question :)

Is watt for watt the PIAA super white better than a Halogen bulb. BD said the 85w PIAA is brighter than a 100w Halogen. So is the Super white best for night riding. (Not dual sport)

Thanks Again


Originally posted by FooBarr:

I'd like someone to report on the lead-dog helmet light. They'd come in real handy for coon hunting.

You can ask these guys about the "lead-dog" system, I think it's safe to say you'll look as cool as these fellers. 2002_Tesoro_Iron_Dog_2000_Champs.JPG

From the colors of their jackets I'd say them there KTM riders training in arctic conditions. Funny, I'd figured they'd turn the light around backwards so they wouldn't get run over by the competition.

Actually I'd really like to try one, but they look so darn..... well..... you know!


Foo bar, the word you're looking for is QUEER! Nice KTM bash BTW. Come to think of it You would look great with that thing on your head!


Foobarr, you funny!



Okay, okay, all the KTM guys can stop with the hate e-mail, I was just kidding! I apologize for the inapropriate Katoom reference about orange jackets and helmet lights. It was more a poke at my bud who rides a 02 520 EXC. Yes, yes.....I admit it...... I got little red button envy!!!! There I said it, sniff.... sob.... boo, hoo! If only I could afford the $1200 electric start add-on for my BRP, I too could get my bike started after falling off. I just can't take it any more. I sit there and kick and kick while they all ride off down the road and then I get lost and....and....... waaaaaaaaaa!


[ September 25, 2002, 11:13 PM: Message edited by: FooBarr ]

Foobar, please don't apologize! There is far too little smack talking on this forum. I know you have some more jokes in you, or just send a picture of your bike... Don't bother with the electric starter kit, just buy an 883 Sportster I think they weigh the same.

Here another option...


Well...... it's time to get back to the original topic of effective night lighting. That was the original topic posted by Sir Moredesert, before I rudely highjacked this post with my useless queries on helmet lighting and accidentally ended up on the KTM rider's Most-Desired-BRP-Driver-to-Run-Over list.

Has anyone tried one of the dual halogen combo lights from either Acerbis or UFO? My dual sport kit has the UFO Oregan Euro headlamp and the kit maker says I can only get a 35w bulb max. Pretty dim for night riding and that's how I got sidetracked on the helmet light idea. Anyway, I'm thinking of switching to the UFO dual Halogen set up. I see on the Steahly site that you can upgrade the 35w bulbs to 50 w bulbs. I kind of like the idea of being able to swap bulbs for others with different wattage and beam width. I'd be able to fine tune the light for woods riding or open terrain.

I just received my dual headlight setup from

I spoke with the owner prior to ordering and he was very helpful. The headlight mount is extremely well made and you can't beat the price.

So far I give it 5 stars...

~ Ken

Powercell, What bulbs did you get with your dual lights? Are there any switching options, point one high or low, one on and one off? I have only seen the single light setup.

No switches are included but I'm adding marine grade switches to the back of each housing so I can switch them on independently. They will install any bulb you want including HID's, but I opted for the 55-watt Hals so I could run my stock stator (2003 KTM 525mx/c).

~ Ken

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