Off Road Lighting for XR650?

My 02' 520EXC seems to have a second bulb in the lower corner of the headlight. Is that some sort of passing lamp for europe? I was going to put 12 volts to it to see what happens. Still pondering the conehead lights like Foobar wears to bed.

Hey Keith,

I got one of those mini-lights in my headlamp too. It's the UFO Oregan Euro thing with built in turn signals. The mini light is low amps and acts as a marker light in case your bike is dead and you're stranded on the side of the highway. Mine actually works on my dualsport kit and is good for about an hour with the mini-battery built into the housing. The drawback to this setup is the main bulb can only be upgraded to about 35 watts according to the guy who built my DSK. That's while I'm looking at rewinding the stator and going with the dual halogen UFO lamp. Anybody recommend a shop for stator rewinds?

As for the dead-dog cone head light, I checked one out at the local store and it looks functionally sound and has potential. Wife didn't like it since it doesn't vibrate. Therefore, so much for wearing it to bed. :)

Something I did like is the Headhunter light that is HID. It velcros to your facemask instead of the big strobing-red phallic helmet look :D :

I'm not sure if it hooks up direct 12v or just with the battery pack.

After looking at several helmet lights, I started to wonder just how hard it would be to make my own. You can get 12v MR-11 halogens for about $4-9. They range from 12-35w and beamwidth of 8 to 29 degrees.

I found a mountain bike site that shows you how to make your own halogen light that operates on a battery:

I'm thinking I can make a pair that will mount to the sides of my face mask and have a flood and a spot. They would be wired to the bike via a power cord and would have switch on each lamp. Probably a one stop at the local Radio Shack and I think I get it done for well under $100. Might not look factory, but as long as it's functional and cheap I can live with it.

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