direct front brake cable routing

Well I compared my buddies 05 yz450f front fork guards with direct brake cable routing to my 04, and they do NOT swap over. I saw on here though that the someone was able to do this swap between an 05 250f and an 04 250f. I was wondering if any knows if the 05 250f's front fork guards will swap over to the 04 450's forks? Maybe the 250 didn't get the new twin chamber forks so it might work? Thanks in advance.

the 250F did get the twin chamber forks

Thanks for the reply Satch. I ended up ordeing the lightspeed CR style brake kit, after finding a thread about this on the yz25f board, basicly none of the 05 fork guards fit on the older forks. Thanks again.

The fork guards are a different shape altogether for 05, I don't know if they'll work on an older bike or not. Besides, the 05 stock clamp is kind of cheesy. What you want is one of these:


PM member oldblue here or dig around on Ebay. I think I paid 15 bucks shipped for mine.

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