What to buy?

I currently have a 03' KTM 525EXC which I bought after I sold my 00' WR400. I am going to sell my KTM (not because I don't like it, but because of the green sticker issue.) I just can't make up my mind if I want to buy another KTM 525EXC or the 05' WR450. Is there anyone here that has ridden both? I love the power of the 525 and want to know if the 450 will have the hit of the 525 or not. I really miss the smooth power of the wr400.

I gotta tell ya... I have ridden both and honestly, the 525 is no more powerful than the WR450 engine (after free mods)... I am bit biased but I am trying not to be. ANyone else agree or disagree.

Basically, save the thousand bucks extra for the KTM and buy blue...

Hell if I bored out the Yamaha to a 525 it would smoke the KTM! Who cares they are all plenty fast. :cry:

isnt your 525 a green sticker ?

I agree. I thought all KTM four stokes were green sticker? :cry:

They are all green stickers just so long as there is not a '3' or 'C' in the Vin. Unfortunately, I was screwed by the individual I bought it from. He said it did not matter and I should have no problem registering it as he purchased it from Northern California. I found out the other day from KTM directly that he purchased the bike for Canada and that KTM will not help me get it registered because it is a Gray market bike. I will need to sell it to someone who does not care about the red sticker or sell it out of state where it does not even matter.

I learned my lesson the hard way. The worst part about it is that I paid top dollar for it. No one gives a KTM away, I honestly liked my WR400 as much if not better. I know that my 400 did not have nearly the power of my KTM and that is why I wanted to know if the 450 has a lot more power than the 400 or just marginal. I did have a the 04' YZ cam and all modifications done to it including full exhaust, powernow, grey wire, air box mods, etc.

I bought my WR450F out of Canada, its "green" in California, as the 8th digit is a "W". I suppose its considered "gray market" too, but mineis road plated. I'd sell it to someone out of state, ie Oregon or AZ, then bring it back to Cally. Does the VIN bring up a red flag?

Yes, the third digit is a '3' and I have been fighting this for over six months now. Sacramento keeps sending it back down. I was finally told by CARB that if I could get a letter from KTM that states the bike is California smog legal then they would change the vin for me. However, KTM refuses to do it. So I am S.O.L. and on my own.

Kaliforniastan! :cry: :cry: :cry: Home of the liberal greenies! I wonder if their lawnmowers need to be green sticker smog approved? :cry:

Don't laugh, it is true! Try buying a two stroke weed wacker out here. A lot of lawn equipment actually can't be sold in California due to our emissions laws. Beauracracy at its' best!

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