EB Quick Silver lessons learned????

Ok, the Quick Silvers are in the mail, I know I am not the only one. Can someone post the lessons learned that I saw about 1.5 months ago. There are some carb setups that people had questions with. Eddlbrock may have corrected them but any help would be great.

Here's what I found;

Installation- remove the seat, tank, muffler, upper sub-frame bolt, and pivot the subframe down for the easiest installation. Remove the old carb, cables, and throttle assembly as one unit (upper left radiator hose is in the way, but easily moved). Use hose clamps instead of the "clips" for the fuel line where it attaches to the included piece of aluminum fuel line. After installation, the idle adjustment assembly must be installed so that the throttle is open about 1/2-3/4 inch (approximately). I have found that the stock mixture setting is ideal for me (california riding). I have also never used the enricher, just two twists of the throttle will start it up each time. The best part is that I have never had to kick more that twice, ever, to start it up! Hope this helps!

Jaybert, have you noticed the throttle being stiff or strong? Like too heavy a spring or something?

Maybe a little stronger, but it feels fine to me.

Tip #1

If you install your carb and try to start your bike for the first time, but find yourself kicking tirelessly without much progress, your idle isn't turned up enough. Make sure to turn up the idle plenty good the very first time you start your bike and then adjust your idle down from there.

Tip #2

If the adjuster tool that screws into the top of the carb isn't working for you and you think its too short, make note that you need to have your throttle wide open and then gently push the adjuster tool down while turning it until you feel the blade slip into the slot so you can turn the clicker.

Tip #3

I found my throttle cable insulation wearing off on the underneath side where the cable runs by the intake valve cover bolt head. It only wears on the underneath side where you don't see it, so you have to look very carefully if the cable is connected to the carb. It's very quick and easy to remove the cables if your tank is off and then you can more closely inspect them to see if this has happened to you. I'm not the only one with this issue, so look closely. Also, be careful when installing your fuel tank as the cables could get pinched by the fuel tank bolt. I simply slipped some 11/32 transmission oil tubing over my cables in the critical areas to prevent damage in these areas.

Tip #4

If you've got the itch to mess around with your carb, don't do it before you install it. Just install & try it first with the stock settings and see how it works from there. Chances are your final settings will be fairly close to the stock settings unless you have the HRC kit installed.

Tip #5

If you adjust the accelerator pump, do it in small increments like 1/4 turn at a time.

Tip #6

If you decide to take your carb apart cause you're just plain curious, pay attention to the float bowl if you plan to turn it turned upside down. There's a little check valve that will fall out from a hole if you're not careful and without it the accelerator pump will not work.

All in all, I'm very happy with the carb and enjoy the improved throttle response, easier starting especially when my bike goes down, no more jetting hassles when riding from 2500 to 7000 feet, etc. I just wish this carb had a fuel drain screw in the float bowl like the stock carb, but I understand Edelbrock will impliment that sometime later this year.

I noticed that on mine the bit inside the carb that the slide 'slides' over had some rough corners on which caused the throttle to stick slightly so I filed them off.

Worth checking cos it was scoring the inside of the slide. This didn't really fill me with confidence about the carb and given the chance again I wouldn't buy one.

I have noticed too that the throttle is heavier than stock but it is only down to the stronger spring.

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Thanks everyone for the input, I have succesfully installed the carb without any problems. The bike started the second kick and it seemed like it didn't even need to warm up. I twisted the throttle from full off and no hesitation. I haven't had a chance to take for a dirt ride but so far very happy. Easy to install, I tried to wire tie the idle adjuster to hoses but it doesn't like it , too much pinching so It will need to hang loose, doesn't look like it will be a problem. I did not turn a screw or play with any adjustments, I had idle turned up just a bit and it started, no issues. Question, I removed the 11mm bolt off top and installed the red spring loaded knob, whats this do???? Many thanks to Denise Barnum and the boys at Edelbrock, so far very happy. I am amazed that honda is selling the BRP with such and outdated crappy stock Carb, I had lots of problems with it. Pigs will fly soon, again.

The red adjuster know is the metering rod adjustment tool. It is for idle to 1/2 throttle jetting adjustments.

Originally posted by bigtom17:

Ok, the Quick Silvers are in the mail, I know I am not the only one. Can someone post the lessons learned that I saw about 1.5 months ago. There are some carb setups that people had questions with. Eddlbrock may have corrected them but any help would be great.

If you're looking for the inside scoop on the Quick Silver, contact Rob Barnum (ThumperTalk's Carb Expert)...he is the R&D Engineer on the Quick Silver carb at Edelbrock. Plus, he rides an XR650 with a Quick Silver installed and knows just how to tweak it to get the most out of it...


Barnum's Pro Products Website


Mine did not work at all. I sent it back to the factory an some dork told me it was fine. But it still wouldn't work! 25 to 50 kicks. It would sputter, pop and smelled extremely lean. I tried every trick that I've seen in these posts, to no use. I sent it back. Good luck

P.S. What is wrong with the stock carb when jetted correctly?

Nak, quite simply, not a lot is wrong with the

stock carb. There are numerous Brits and other

non-North Americans that are happy with their

stockers. Apart from not running on it's side,

and requiring the "flooding routine" on

occasion, my stocker is fine. If I whack the

throttle open whilst moving at anything above 1 mph, there is no bog.

There has been internet talk that the U.K. carb

is slightly different from the 'merican one.

If it weren't for reports like yours and the delivery delay I might be tempted to buy an

Edelbrook when I am in the States this coming

January( just for that extra horsepower or 2 I've

heard about ).

cheers, Craig

This is the carb I've been running all summer -


Dealer cost on these is under $300.00 and it is a better carb than the Edelbrock,(in my opinion).

Much better throttle response than the stock carb, starts right up after falling, easy to tune.

I bought one of the early Elderbrock carbs. It had a problem in the mid-range at sea level. It ran flat until about 2/3 throttle. I tried quite a few things to get it to work but it never was perfect.

The only reason I didn't get rid of it was that the bike started perfectly every time, whether I dropped it or stalled it. That was worth more to me than a perfect throttle response.

Denise and Rob at Barnums Pro Products kept trying to get me to come up and have Rob look at it but I was always too busy.

Well, A friend and I went riding and he stalled his bike and I layed mine over in a sand wash. He about died trying to get it started again and I kicked mine in 1 kick. He was determined to get a Quicksilver. I had him order one from Barnums and we made a appointment to go up and have Rob install it. I also brought my bike so Rob could check it out.

Rob took my carb apart and found a few problems and fixed them. He then adjusted it correctly and I took it for a ride. I have to say the differance is like when you take the smog junk off and uncork the BRP. The bike SCREEMS.

After hooking up my friends bike Rob took us for a desert ride that was a blast. We ripped across a dry lake bed at 95+ mph and up thru some rock trails. I followed Rob and picked up several good riding tips . It was a fun day of riding.

Lesson Learned: If you are going to get a Quicksilver buy it from Rob at Barnums Pro and take your bike to him to set it up. Then ask him to take you for a desert ride it makes for a perfect day.

Note: Rob and his wife Denise are wonderful hosts and just delightful people to hang with for the day.

I am on my 6th big-bore Honda XR. I have always swapped the carb to a Mikuni flat slide(along with many other mods), and last year tried the Mikuni FCR- pumper. This was like night and day compared to the flatslide. What an improvement!!!Sudco also sells this carb. I have a couple of used(good condition) Mikuni flatslides that I would be willing to part with for a very reasonable price. These are set up for XR's with hi-compression, header and pipe,along with valves, cams, port & polish,etc., but I am sure it would be easy to change jets to whatever mods you have.

OK, now I have a couple hundred miles on the new carb and I can form an opinion. Love it. After installing it I pulled right out of box and no adjustments, (500ft)started on second kick. Rode bike in tillmook forest (2000 ft) No issues. I dropped bike on muddy hill it continued to run upside down for 45 seconds. Dropped again, kill switched it. Stood it up and it started 1st kick. Never ever did this before. Sold! This weekend I took it to Bend, OR. at 5500 feet. Started first kick and did not tune a thing, ran great, I went down twice and it started 1st kick again. I bought this Carb because of starting after dumping. I didn't buy it for horsepower I bought it for enjoyment while I ride. If I get a bigger workout starting this BRP than riding it than it is not much fun. I like it so much if it broke tommorrow I would drop $400 for another. Question, How do you adjust the rich lean knob when the tank is on?

Can't really adjust it with everything in place. But, you can get away with just removing the seat, removing the lower shroud bolts, lifting the tank and reaching underneath to adjust (yes it is a pain on the 650R).

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