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High elevation jetting dialed in for S with CV carb

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My bike is dialed. Well pretty much anyway. I have a 1/5 turn throttle and if I wick it a aggressively at very low rpm, it can have a brief bog, but even then it recovers in a near instant and rips. The rpm range where the slight bog occurs is just off idle and it is more of an academic issue with me attempting to see if I can create a problem as I don't ride the bike that way. I rev it! 😢 Anyway, I am pleased. The bike responds crisply and right now to throttle openings big and small. The power is easily modulated from subtle for picking through rocky trails to roaring revs and blurry speed in the woods.

The magic combo for my bike, with CV carb, Hotcam intake and Yosh full system for 6,500 feet to I can't breathe elevations is a 128 main, stock 22.5 pilot, 2.5 turns on a Keintech fuel screw and with the DJ needle on the 2nd clip from the top.

Just a bit of encouragement for those running CV carbs - they are not junky work of the devil. I am gonna spend my "FCR money" on servicing/valving my suspension. My rear shock, after about 1,200 off road miles, is a bit of a pogo stick.

Just thought I would share 😢

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