rear disc

anyone got a spare rear disc laying around? (wrf400) i cant find one cheap anywhere? :cry:

I just had to buy one for my 04 WR, $128.99 . Good luck on finding a cheap one...I couldn't!!

in Europe, Austria the cheapest available discs are 85 USD

in EU they ship for 13$, dont know about overseas

Is $49.95US cheap enough? catalog> brake rotors> titax yamaha

I tried it as an experiment when I bent my stock one, it has worked fine for the last year. That year included a season of desert racing. It's not stainless but it only showed signs of suface rust when I was at Pismo dunes (on the Pacific coast) for a week.

Didn't see you where in Australia when I posted, maybe still a good deal if they ship there.

thanks for all the replies guys :cry:

they look like they come in mcdonalds food pack


but if they work, why not :cry:

pity they dont ship to EU (maybe they do, just contacting)

I think stainless is not used for rotors, exact material type for quality discs is "X155CrVMo12" or "OCR 12 VN" and in original state it is quite soft (26 rockvels (HRC)) so it needs aditional hardenig up to 45 HRC

If you must fins a used one, I believe the one for the 97 YZ 125 and 250 will fit your bike. Is it a 220 mm disc??? If so, your ok.

$90 + S&H from White Brothers through the TT Store. Motomaster OEM replacement. Or you can get the "Swiss Cheese" ultralight version for $126 + S&H. I like the ultralight alot, I had one on my KTM Supermoto & it along with the motomaster pads offered excellent feel.

righto, another question, is it worth getting an oversize rotor for the front? :cry:

I was considering an oversized front rotor for mine but decided to try the braided brake line first cause mine felt more soft than underpowered. The difference was pretty noticible and my bike is fairly new, i can imagine after five or so years yours would definately be swelling under hard braking. Also i think these brakes are a bastard to bleed the only way i could get all the air out was to leave the lever and master cylinder hanging from the roof so all the air came up then i bled it at the banjo bolt on the master cylinder.

Oversized front rotor:


Beter mechanical advatage, less effort and more braking ability.

Larger disk surface, slight advantage in heat dissipation.


Rotor is larger thus more prone to damage, closer to the ground and edge is farther from the mounting hub.

If not included with the rotor an addapter is need to space the caliper out.

Not sure if the factory Yamaha brake line will work.

due to bigger surface, they last longer too

Here is a couple of pictures of the Titax rear disc.



a company called titax makes an economic rear disc for around $50 and ebc has one for around $90 that will fit your ride. better than a groovy used one to match your old pad. check tt or

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