Chads pay packet.

Go Chad Reed! Here is a photo of him and my g/f that I took at the Anaheim, CA supercross Jan 2002. He actually won the main event that night.


The legend from Kurri Kurri, :cry: :cry:

Wish I could go this weekend :cry:

what happened to shayne watts? is he still around? :cry:

what happened to shane watts? is he still around? :cry:

He's going into retirement. This is from the GNCC website...


Parts Unlimited/Moose/Maxxis/Yamaha/Wiseco/Klotz/FMF/Dunlop/ITP

ATVA Grand National Cross Country Series

Shane Watts Report: Sad times for the champ

We just received this update from GNCC favorite (and 2000 series champ) Shane Watts...

I'm laying a little low at the moment. Pretty much on a downer in regard to my racing. The rest of my life is all real positive though.

The report from my knee arthroscopy is that the ACL is busted again, and has been for over a year, hence the struggle with my confidence and the continued extremely poor results this year. This knee has already been through five ACL reconstructions.

Biggest news though was of how deteriorated the knee joint was and that if I continue to do more damage to it then I would most likely need a total knee replacement within 5 years. Not nice.

On October 12 I’m heading to Oz for the remainder of the year to heal up. Then I’ll make a decision about my racing future. At the moment it’s pretty certain that I’ll never race again.

Oh well, I’ve only got myself to blame for getting into this position by not giving previous injuries the required time to fully heal.

Live by the sword, die by the sword!!!

Good luck to you and everybody associated with GNCC racing.

- Watts

Right Dave! Shane knees are so bad that he can barely walk! Shame he can really fly on a bike! He is exciting to watch! Sad moment of us fans for sure. :cry:

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