04 yz450 = painfull wrists

If he is landing rear wheel first, I wonder if the front end is 'slapping down' when it lands. If that is the case, he might be chasing his tail trying to fix that issue. Maybe it is just me, but I have never found a setting to deal with front end slap. Has anyone else found setting that eliminate the harshness of front end slap?

I dunno if this will help at all, but you can put a zip tie around the fork tube to see just how far it is compressing. Then just bottom the forks off the track with straps or something and compare how far down it goes.

I've seen that done several times on street bikes out of curiousity and it will work the same way on a dirt bike.

Great idea. And I think your just landing wrong. My wrists dont hurt ever. except from armp pump.

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