clarke replacment fuel tank

has anyone tried one of these Clark tanks for an 03-04 WR450f?

The internet site says that YZF shrouds must be used but I have heard that the stock WR shrouds will work with longer bolts.

Any help here will be greatly appreciated. I am trying to replace my tank that just split open and im on a very tight budget right now. Looking for the cheapest tank i can get. :cry: :cry:

Post for a used stock tank or check ebay. I sold my stocker for $100. when I upgrade to the 3.4 Gallon. :cry:

I thought about that but the stock tank on my YZ and my WR both have cracks all in them. I dont even want a Yamaha made tank.

I have a 3.4 gallon tank made by GYT-R (I think) that another TT member recommended that looks good but i really dont want a big tank. I was happy with the stock one till it freaking cracked.

I like the Clark tank but there saying that i need YZ shrouds, what a crock of [@#$%&*!]!

Im newly married and have a kid on the way otherwise money would not normally be a problem.

Spoke to Clarke today and they do make a Tank for the WR for 170 bucks that fits all the stock stuff.

How big is the new tank going to be?

The tank im getting is a stock size tank not a high capacity tank. I think its 2.8 gallons.

Its perfect for my situation. Has anyone else on here expierenced cracks in their tanks? Both my YZ and my WR tanks are full of cracks. There garage kept and i drain the tanks when there not being used. My wr is only about 14 months old when it started pouring gas overnight in my garage.

im not sure anymore. I will be getting them in this week so i will let you know.

One Clark rep said that the Wr tank will fit all stock equipment and one said you need YZ shrouds so i dont know.

But I will soon know for sure.

stay tuned. :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

heres the deal,it takes both yz and wr seat(2 different screw holes in the tank) and yz shrouds, unless they changed it in the last couple months since i got my 2.8 it looks like you might possibly fit the wr shrouds with a little persuasion,its just the middle bolt that doesn't line up :cry: if you have too there is probly someone on the yzf forum that has some cheap. the yzf 250 shrouds are the same(03-04)

yep your right, The shrouds did not fit which really pisses me off.

I was happy with the stock set-up until the tank decided to just split. Now today i have to order shrouds to fit the freaking tank.

I am not a happy camper.

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