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Carbon Fiber Helmet Note: changed contact info please

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Read an article about a carbon fiber full face MX helmet 4 months ago and called the company to order. Well they actually followed up and called when the first 100 came in to send me one for $ 275. Hebo MX HSX

First impressions are lasting impressions. When it arrived this week, the wife brought the box in off the front porch. I guessed Helmet by the size of the box, but she said not possible because the box felt empty. Sure enough I handled the box and new I guessed wrong. The box felt just the weight of an empty cardboard box.

When opened, its unmistakable carbon fiber, with narrow visor. Lots of vents and standard chin strap. Size one over your norm because you need to pull an Iron man to get the thing over your ears. Once on, it fits well but loose compared to others sized as a large. I would never be able to get this Hebo on in Large, so XL works for me.

No stickers, no painting, but does not breakdown and become brittle like other products after years of sun exposure.

Removable liner and ear pads.

My opinion: If you want super light cool look, this is it. If you are going to wad up your bike at speed. You might be scared to wear this thing. It’s definitely designed for trials riders that fall off there bike and bump there head. For me, I usually wrench my neck when I tumble on my single track trails and this may reduce neck fatigue. I am more worried about my neck than my skull, so this is the new product for me.

Have your dealer call Rose McClathy at Gas-Gas Motors of America 813-818-2825. I called back to let them know I got the product and who to contact for others to purchase and the guy on the phone stated that you had to be a dealer. He continued to ask how I got a hold of one these Hebo helmets. Of course I stated that I had acted on behalf of my local dealer for product review. Suffice to say,,,,, Good luck getting one of these things if it’s true that only 100 are in the country currently.

Notice: I gave the wrong contact info above: Contact Mandy Lewis at Lewis sports USA 209-754-4437. Spoke with her today and she can respond directly for your product needs. I posted the contact info on the shipping label and caused confusion.



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