Quick ? selling bike on ebay got a weird response what do you guys thk

Selling my YZ on ebay and got the following email, have you guys seen this before? Or is this a scam?

hello, My client is interested in buying ur item and he wants to pay via Cashier check,he will issue a cashier check which will include the money for the item,my commission as an agent and also the shipping charges,Immediately u get the check,you will go straight and cash it at a local check cashing point in which u will send the excess funds thru western union money transfer to my client shipper in africa the same day u get the check ,If u agree on this,kindly send me ur contact address to send the check to with ur phone number. N.B ; He will be sending u a check in which u will cash instantly and send the excess funds of thru western union to my client shipper the same day u get the check. I await ur reply. have a great day. Pls if u agree end the auction imemdiate you can contact me via my email ok i await your reply


I had a few of those responses from the Recycler when I was selling my bikes. You can either ignore them, or reply w/ "detailed" questions about the transaction and see what you get for a reply. Most of the email response's are of a "form" type and will not answer any of your specific questions. Or tell him to pick up the dumb phone and call.....That always scare's the scammer's away :cry:

Yes it is a scam that I have been hearing about. DO NOT deal with them---they keep your "excess funds" and send you a bad cashiers check.

I was thinking when I was selling my bikes, who in the heck would buy a TTR-250 and ship it to Bangladish (sp?) What a bunch of jack-hole's

Yep, scam. Do a google search with the first sentence of that email and you can see hundreds of references to that same email.

figured as much, thanks guys what's a matter with these people don't they have anything better to do with their time.. jacka$$es

Most people get up in the morning pack their lunch and go to work and do something productivefor a living. A few others get up and rip people other people off for a living.

TOTAL BS! :cry:

Is there a way to prevent this from happening again if I relist my bike? Anyone want a cheap used 426?

Those damn Nigerian's... bastards!

I had a bike for sale a while back and put it on about 10 different internet sites and without fail everytime I listed it, I would get 50 of the same emails.

One claimed to be from a church and wanted to buy a gun I listed. I told them that was fine and that I looked forward to doing business with them. I simply asked them to forward me their tax exempt ID# for me to check out, and that I was a law enforcement officer so it would be easy for me to do so. I never heard back from them...

Oh btw, here a detail of the scam...


i got the same message a year ago trying to sell my GSXR 1000 ignore it its a major scam.

Yep scam for sure, I just got a scam on my car i had on ebay, guy just registred on oct 26,2004 go figure, and now my car isnt sold and im out the $40 it cost me to list it, heres the email he sent me

Am sunny georgeson an auto agent and an engineerfrom west africa i've been into this field for years which you will confirm during and after our our transaction,i have a client who is much interested in your item hope you will accept doing business with me So i'll like to know the firm price of ur item,In order to conclude this deal. my client has said he will only raise a cashiers check for the sales of the item and the entire shipping charges of the car to Africa.This means the cashierscheck that will be sent to you will include the money for the sales of your item,shipping charges and my commission as an agent. Will you be able to wire the excess fund as soon as you cash the check? and you deduct the money for the sales of your item,please send your contact address where my client should send the check to,so that i will instruct my client to send the check by express priority mail to you. In addition to this i will want you to give

I reported it to ebay, doubt anything will happen will see.

Foward the email to Ebay and let them handle that persons account.

I wouldn't even respond to them, because if you reply, they'll take that as a sale's lead, then the next thing you know, you'll be flooded with scams like that. :cry: :cry: Damn Nigerian bastards!!

SCAM!!! Please report it to EBAY police! Makes it hard to do an honest deal with those scamming bastards. :cry:

I sold my son's TTR on e-bay and got that crap too. My problem was I had a "buy it now" and those freakin knuckleheads clicked the "buy it now" and I had to jump through all kinds of hoops with e-bay to get my fees refunded. eBay is not that helpful either....you can not talk to a live body....just wait for them to return your e-mails.

Report him. + when you put buy it nows on ebay always have it for preapproved bidders only. that way you can get rid of these tossers, cause yes i agree there are lots of hoops to jump through to get ebay to reimburse fees. :cry:

was a post on "dirt bike" mag on-line about a similar scam,don't do it its bs!!! :cry: :cry:

I seem to get them whenever I put my bike for sale @ Motocross.com I am still getting them to this day and they do stop once you ask for more personal information....

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