05 450 Jetting??

I have been seeing some info here and there about the new 450's being lein. JD even made a comment about it. What are you guys doing w/ your jetting and and are any of you running the JD kit?

I am in southern California, running the JD kit as prescribed. Blue needle, 3rd clip, 170MJ, Stock pilot, screw 2.5 out.

Bike seems to run pretty good, except it does take sometimes 10 kicks to get her going. My buddy is in northern California and running the JD kit w/ a Dr. D pipe and he is running the same as me except for 172MJ

Thanks in advance,


bump your pilot up one size. everything else sounds right. If you end up more than 3 turns on the screw, bump up the pilot to the next size. :cry:

72 starter jet for the choke circuit is the key to cold starting first kick! 48 pilot will also be a better choice for hot starting :cry:

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