XR 650L is alive

I have slowly been picking away at my 650L and have found the best results from jetting.

So far I have done:

14 tooth front sprocket

48 rear sprocket

Uni air filter

Snorkle Removal

Carb modification

smog block off kit

165 main jet

took out the baffle on the stock pipe.

WOW... runs great the throttle response is

instant. and it just keeps on pulling

this weekend putting the powercore 4 on.

Its already pulling the front tire off the ground in third easily cant wait to see the difference with new new exhaust.

Soon I will post a drawing of the carb modification with all specs attached. Its to easy

Thanks to that backyard techy DRZ Andy...

See ya Saturday DRZ Andy

Wolfgang... your bike looks sweet... I miss my 94 XR650L.... curse the bastard that stole it!!! :)

The gearing change was a farely noticible difference. I found it really great for tite trail riding.

I can only go about 120km/h but I have no need to go faster were I live.

I personlally find it perfect. Second gear wheelies are so easy by just using the clutch. It just pops right up.

It is also awsome for hill climbs and dirt bike track type of riding.

Great speeds for jumps... did my first 20 foot table top last weekend. Felt just great even on this large bike.

I would recomend going to a 48 tooth sprocket on back. I didn't have to modify my chain guard.

The 2 sprockets even out the chain length... I figured.

XR 650L Slugtaco, Did you change both of your sprockets at once, or one before the other? I also ride a 650L and just dropped my front sprocket down to a 14t. I'm very happy with the results, but once again I find myself wanting more low-end torque. So my next move is getting rid of the 45t rear and going up to a 48t. How would you describe the difference that the 14/48 gearing has made both on and off road? Also, did you have to change or modify your chain guide to run the 48t. Thanks Later, Mike

Did I say third gear Wheelies... well after booting around today and trying out different things Fourth is even pullling up.

The stuff I have done to this pig of a bike has definetly made a hug difference.

I love wheelies by the way. Cant wait to take it to the Dirt pit near where I live.

Good to hear the bike is running so well. I want to practice clearing that tabletop next weekend! I am going to bring my digicam and my videocam as proof of our antics! I am sure my mother would love to watch...not! Roost ya later...

Looks like we're headed in the same direction. I have 14t on front and am planning to put the 48t on rear, probably will use Spocket Specialist. Opening the snorkel and removing the baffle brought tremendous inprovement, along with the smog kit... I don't believe an aftermarket exhaust would improve performance any? It can't be any more open than with the baffle out? I am removing all unneccessary hardware to get weight down. i.e. rear fender frame...

Just ordered my 48t rear sprocket today and a Dunlop 606 rear tire. Can't wait to slap it all together and see how it hooks up now. I'm thinkin killer wheelies. :) I also changed my name from Wolfgang to XR Freak, seems more appropriate. Some of you may know me from HondaXR.com. Later, -Mike-

All I can say is...DAM!!! Your bike flat out rocks Doug!!! Those mods SERIOUSLY woke up your bike. I rode this thing and it's a wheelie monster. Tons of torque picked up everywhere, mostly in the bottom to midrange. We raced side by side and my DRZ400 with many mods is no faster now. Pretty even but the XR650 definately has a bottom end advantage, which wasn't as apparent before the mods. COOL. Now, your making me want a pipe...

TT Newbie, exhaust made a huge difference. I just put it on this afternoon and all I have to say is wow. If you need more proof look at My buddy DrZAndy's Reply. He tried it today and was really suprised at how much better it is.

I put the Power Core 4 on. Plus it sounds killer.

XR_650L_Slugtaco, How much louder would you say the Power Core 4 is over stock? Just curious how it compares to the FMF Q. Also, is it louder than the stock pipe with the baffle out? Later, -Mike-

It is not to bad if your just idling riding down the road... but as soon as you open that throttle the smallest bit it is pretty loud. I say its alot louder but it sounds way better. Im really happy with the power increase.

Doug put together a great image of how to do the slide modification to the XR650L carb.

1)Rotate or remove the carb so you can remove the top cover from the carb.

2)Remove (gently) the rubber surround and the slide from the carb body. (The needle will come out with it.

3)Remove the needle, by turning the phillips head screw 1/4 turn so the needle comes free from the slide.

4)Drill out the bottom two holes, (NOT the third hole where the needle goes through) and clean up any metal shavings afterward.

5)Install washer below needle head and re-install needle.

6)Install modified needle/slide into carb body, and put carb top back on.

NOTE: (sea-level jetting ONLY)

Turn fuel screw 2 3/4 to 3 turns out.

Install 165 main jet (bottom of carb).

Remove airbox snorkle and exhaust plug.


Great post and pics, DRZ. I will do carb mods this weekend. Put 47t on rear and rode the AMA sponsored dual purpose at the Desoto National Forest in Mississippi this past weekend. This is probably the toughest off road course in America. I would highly recommend it to anyone who really wants to be challenged....

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