'04 Power Now?

I'm new to the WR and I've searched the forums but I can't seem to find anywhere on how to make a "PowerNOW" for an '04? It looks like the older models have a collar in between the air box boot and the back of the carb where the PowerNOW goes? Am I right? What do you do on the '04's? I've noticed I could buy from Scary Fast but I can't seem to part with the money right now. Any help would be great, Thanks.

I dont think there is a difference. Power Now and Power now plus are sized for the FCR carb diameter. The 03 and 04 have the same carb size. :cry:

i've heard about this 'power now'. is it worth it. where do you feel it most: top, mid, bottom, wallet? thanks for any input...

I think it is worth if you like to lug your engine and short shift a lot. Otherwise if you are a rever you wont like it as much :cry:

sounds good. when i'm in the desert i transform to quite the rever. around my summer stomping grounds here in colorado its tight, lower rpm single track. sounds like a nice stocking stuffer. thanks

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