Has anybody done this

SRC says that the limit on the clutch plates combined stack is less then the distance from the hub to the pressure plate so your clutch 25% of its life...his fix is to add an additional metal plate at the beginning of the stack so that it will only start to slip once the plates are AT their service limit instead of when they have 25% or more life left.

My clutch is gone after 1000-1500 miles of non abuse other then pullin my fatass around...

I am gonna give it a try and wanted to know if anybody else has tried it.

"In order to maximize clutch service life, the gap between the pressure plate and inner hub must be reduced at least to the claimed service limits of fiber discs. The stack height for fibers discs at the service limit would be 28.5 mm. The gap on the OEM pressure plate and inner hub is 29.6 mm. One obvious and advantageous way to reduce the gap is addition of another smooth plate (Photo 27). This reduces the gap to 28.3 mm which is below the wear limit of the fiber discs. This addition increases the spring compression from 0.718" to 0.817" which raises total spring pressure from 209 lbs. to 238.5 lbs. It is almost as if this extra disc was designed into this clutch then inadvertently left out when the final bill of material was produced."

Guess I will be the first to give her a go...

I have this on my bike....I know Barnum has it on his....

Remember the judder spring is there for a reason! But, I would ratter have a hole plate insted of half! The first time your cluch judders REMEMBER what you did! Because if you don't it will scare the hell out of you! It sounds like you turned on a supper charger! It only does it now and then. Don't no when but, the first time mine juddered I freaked out for a second :cry:

What do you mean by half a plate? I just bought an extra steel plate to put in like it suggested.

What does the jutter thing do? I thought that just helped the pack release when you pull in the clutch...

Does it sound god awful like a squeaky brake?

Im gonna put that clutch to use this weekend at Glamis with my ol lady on the back so its gonna get a good work out!...i want to be prepared for any funky noises its gonna make so I knwo im not grenading the tranny!

Has any damage occured to your bike from this add-on?

I've done it and glad I did,clutch pull is the same to me and I agree it should last longer,plus it seems to grab better.Because its going to make a stiffer spring action.

Back off your adjustment aways before you put the plate in..

I did it! After about 250~350 miles the stock setup was not hooking up. I rarely used the clutch - just rode it like a tractor. When it gave up, I was down in a canyon, late afternoon with a lot of dark clouds coming in. Lucky for me the guys I was riding with got my BRP back out with lots of swearing and towed by a DRZ400. I was already exhausted from trying to get the bike started with the stock carb on steep hills when the clutch went, so they sent me out on another bike - KTM 300EXC. For two hours I could hear the swearing, then the reving of the tow bike, then more swearing before I saw them make it out. I was ready to give up on ever seeing my bike again. Thanks to good friends who could have kicked the BRP over the edge and taken me home crying, they stuck it out and saved my bike :cry:

As for the extra plate - it works fine - NO noise issues for me (yet) after ~1000 miles since adding it. I don't recall the stacking order, but I just followed the recommended method on SRC and haven't touched it since. :cry:

The judder spring stops the Judder! When it Judders it is only till it is ingaged then it stops Juddering. It is a wierd noise and hurts nothing. Feals wierd and is everyonce in a while unpredictible. Some say it happens more when the clutch is hot.

Mine does that judder thing. Kinda sounds like an "ErrrPP" when you let the clutch out. Typically mine does this on an incline. I thought it was a symptom of these things when you install a Barnett clutch. I just thought it was the clutch being a lil grabby. Am I talking about a seperate thing here?? :cry:

No, that sounds like it.....eeerttpp. and it grabs in harder in a juddering type of way.....that judder spring (half a plate made out of spring steal and bent in a curve, flatens out under pressure) stops that from happening....I think your right that it dose it more under higher load or when a lot more is required of the cluch plates? I think with the 680 it dose it more than with a stock bike but, I don't need the clutch to go out.

Errppp...Errppp.. :cry: Yeah my bike does that. I think the Barnett clutches are a bit grabby. I'm looking into a clutch basket now. The new Barnetts are nice. Especially with the steel plate inserts to stop the basket from getting gouged by the fibers. However, they don't make one for the pig yet. Anyone know about the wiseco ones either? A forged clutch basket would be nice. Sorry for the hijack...

I think some think the noise is while you are riding but, we are talking only while your letting off the clutch lever and the clutch just starts to engage.....eeeerttp with a judder and then it's gone. May not do it through 20 clutch engagements but, then eeeerrttp with a judder. I got over it but, the first few times I thought what the???!! :cry:

why doesnt it do it stock? the judder spring is in there! Or maybe thats why they didnt add the plate was from that eeerp and they didnt want bikes coming back...

I'm imagining it's a combo of power and weight. Mine only does it on an incline where I need just a bit more gas to propel the bike. I thought it was just the fibers and metals rubbing together. I don't see it being an issue as my clutch grabs mint and does the trick.

Its night and day difference. The thing tractors in any gear, never even attempted to slip even with me and my girl on it charging through the dunes.

I also switched from Mobil 1 15/50 to Golden Spectro 10/40 synthetic.

Sure have, loved it! I added a plate, left the judder, and have gotten another full season from the plates. Check this out:



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