Test Riding Picture

<center><img scr=http://members.aol.com/rose4hof/ebay/steve></center>

<center><img src=http://members.aol.com/rose4hof/ebay/steve></center>

That's a funny lookin' XR!

Thats my 60 year old father. I'm now riding his XR. I just grabbed a pic to see how large a pic i could post and if i could remember any of that html junk. Should have a couple cool pics after the coming up death valley ride to post. All xr's with the exception of my father. Dont worry, i'll make him stand behind us in all the pics if that helps..lol :)


I'm suprise he actually stopped long enough for you to take his picture. Probably because the trail was a dead end and you were blocking the only way out!

60 years old

Man good for you slopoke

I look forward to ridsing with my son and daughter at that age

Good for him to

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