Northwest boys, What tires are you using in Forest?

Ok guys I was reading about tire usage of whats best for the desert, I am curious what tires my friends in the NorthWest are using. I am using the M-12 on the rear but need to change once again after maybe 5 rides at Browns Camp(tillamook forest). I know the gravel roads are killing the tire but and I know these are soft tires. What are you guys using or recommend. I am looking for a harder tire that will give me a few more miles and of course the wet weather is coming soon so a tire change is in need regardless.

We run the Maxis C6001 tires. They look like a paddle with tread cut out of them. When you match the front and rear, really works great on the gravel. Since they have a paddle like design, they work exceptionally well on the wet stuff. Even as they wear down, the design keeps them hooking up.

For how long they last? they have outlasted my IRCs and dunlops easily. And they are inexpensive at $30-40 a tire. You can get them from

One advice if you get this tire, they run about 1 size narrow. So get the next width to get about what a normal dunlop size would be.

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Sorry I took so long. I currently have an IRC VE 33 from the Volcan Enduro series and it has lasted forever and hooks up everywhere. I had one on my 200 in highschool years ago and put about 2,000 miles on it. Last winter I put on an S12 and tore it up in just two rides (1 at Jones Creek with Steve and Bryan, one at Brown's Camp in the middle of December). Since then I have been on the IRC and have put tons of miles on it. I just purchased a set of Michelins as they were on sale at Cycle Gear, was your M12 worthless? I bought the M12 rear with s12 front. We will see how the turn out :)

A couple friends of mine have been using the Bridestone M40 on their bikes (KTM 400, XR400) for quite a while now, and I'm impressed. They seem to hold up very well. I just put one on my bike, but I haven't got a chance to test it out yet.

I bought the M-12 tires for the same reason, they were on sale at Cyclegear and friends on 250's love them. I like them especially when they are new, but they only last about 5 rides. I am sure most of this is due to my weight and the bikes weight and these tires are just to soft. I don't mind spending $20 more if they last longer than 400 miles which m-12 tires don't. I will let you know what I get then report online.

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