Trade XR650R for XR400

Need a smaller bike willing to trade a 2000 XR650R for an XR400 of similar value.Bike is in good condition w/no problems.Bike is located in North Texas.Call Bill at 214-544-1060 for info or pics.

You should remove your sig line then. Why get rid of the pig for a baby "air cooled" pig?

Just posting for a friend. :cry:

10-4, the wee man jokes were gonna come out... :cry:

the XR 400 is the best all around off road bike ever made IMHO! What an awesome bike!! I wish Honda still built bikes like that.

They don't make the xr400 anymore? Where are you going with this?

My good friend XRstumps (Matt) went to the XR400, he just didn't like the over welming power of the BRP. We have to wait some in the fast stuff but, once in the tight stuff he is right there! He says it's much more fun and at the end of the day it was a lot more enjoyable. I have the XR400 also and when the BRP was getting it's up grades it was the ride every day. I like it a lot and like Mike Kay said it is an awesome bike. FUN! :cry:

XR400 is not a 2005 bike!!!!!!!!

going goin going GONE!

Buy em while ya can.

IMHO Honda should have simply put on the OEM electric start they have for that motor, updated the suspension with USD forks, bored it to a 440, added a cam, pumper carb, pipe, DS kit and spare motard wheels and called it the CRF450X.

It would have been the bike every racer, farmer, newbie, wife, kid, old dude, Baja wonderer, and budget motarder would buy. Sell it for $3900 new. It would have been a great alternative to the 450F, EXC450, etc...

One day some weird group from China will start making them and who knows it might even end up in the USA 3-4 years from now with E start and blinkers for $2700. I would buy one!!

The japs are finding out the hard way WE DONT WANT 4-stroke MOTOCROSSERS FOR OFF ROAD! We only said we did.....but really we dont. :cry:

We just want MX styling not MX pricing,maintenance,durability issues etc.I agree on the 400 being a fun scooter,I have a Thumper Racing 440 kit in mine and it is a blast.I would never part with it,even when I purchase that pumpkin. :cry:

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