WR426 Manual question

I am looking for a WR426 service manual.......cheap

Help anyone??



You can't have mine, but I am just up the road so if you want a section copied or scanned I could help you out.

You neighbor gave you a good offer, but if you still want your own manual, check ebay. Heck, you may even be able to buy your original back! :cry: I see them on their quite often from time to time. You may have to keep looking, it will eventually show up.

Thanks Neighbor but I pretty much need the whole thing.

I keep checking ebay and find lots of WR450 manuals but no 426's

I'll keep watching and waiting.

Oh Ya the guy I bought the bike from said he lost the manual :cry:

youre probably just not desperate enough to find it :cry:

web page

youre probably just not desperate enough to find it :cry:

web page

Thanks man thats perfect!!!! except for this part

"Here we have a used Yamaha WR 426 FN service manual . The part # is lit-11626-14-45. This manual was used in our service dept for many years. It may be stained and/or have pages missing. "

May have pages missing ???????? &%$#@!!!

I'll keep looking :cry:

maybe contacting them directly on the given adress would put a definite state of the book into your knowledge

E-mailed them this morning ......waiting for responce with baited breath

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