2.5 weight Cartridge Fork oil? XR650R

I'm going to try the 2.5 oil again. I've gone from 5 weight to 2.5 weight and back to 5 weight. I couldn't tell any difference when I switched to the 2.5, I studied the fork oil bottle and it said "2,5W", which I assumed was 2.5 weight oil. It's that fancy bottle from Switzerland(I can't remember the name). I'm starting to think 2,5W isn't the same as 2.5weight?

Anyway, the only 2.5weight oil I could fine is Golden Spectro 85/150 Cartridge Fork Oil. Is "cartridge fork oil" ok in the stock XR forks? I don't think they're cartridge forks?

You have cartridge forks on your XR650R! The fluid you have is it. Some use 75/375 for racing in 110+ degree weather to stop fadding. That's what I have...but, I ride in 120 degree weather when I am stupid. Well all the time then.

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