F R E E Catalog!!!!!

Just wanted to let everyone know about a totally free 290 page dirtbike catalog that I just got in the mail today. It has everything under the sun for our rides and all you have to do to get it delivered to you is to go on the website and request a free catalog. The website is www.denniskirk.com and there is a highlight for ordering a free catalog. It gives me yet another book to read while I'm in the restroom (ha).



I've been ordering from Dennis Kirk for a few years. There's a few things to watch out with them

1.) If something is going to be on backorder, cancel that part order. You'll never get it, and you'll pay for the part anyway.

2.) The parts they carry aren't always the best available, and the selection just isn't there. Sometimes they do carry the really nice stuff, YMMV

3.) Prices are a little high, not out of the ballbark though. Shop around.

Check out Chapparrel. They'll give you a free catalog as well. The prices and part selection is better (usually), but shipping can be expensive. Beats paying tax usually.

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