2004 vs 2005 WR 450

I just sold my XR 650 and I'm pretty set on getting a WR 450. Last week when I put my bike in the paper I called a couple of Yamaha dealerships in So Cal and found WR '04's for around 5900, OTD. Well I called the dealers I spoke with last week and everyone is outta the '04, and the best price anyone will quote me on an '05 is 6700, OTD. Is the $800 dollar difference really worth it, or should I keep looking for an '04? Thanks for any and all replies

I just bought a 04' for a good deal two weeks ago. It wasn't worth the extra $$$$$ for a 05' to me. :cry:

Seabass, as for the dealer, "kick his ass Seabass" :cry: Seriously, look for an 04, I did the same thing, bought an 04 as they were clearing them out to make room for the 05's. Heck, you get a bigger tank, but something to consider if your in Cally, is the 04 is red sticker, while the 05 is green. But if you were to buy out of Canada from http://www.motorcycle-brokers.com you can get an 04 for a resonalbe price and these are "green" in Cally.

Sorry Charlie but they are out of 04's I tried there before I bought mine. :cry: :cry:

Looking at buying a 2005 WR450. Just got a quote from the local dealer for $6100 OTD. I also found a 2004 for $5900 OTD. However, I think I'll spend the extra $200 and get the 2005.

I live in MO and ride a lot of tight trails. It appears that the 2005 is more "East coast friendly" when compared with the 2004. The 2005 has been lowered, slimmer, smaller tank, etc.

Seabass, $6700 is the best quote I have gotten and I am planning on buying today. I SHOULD go to Mo. to buy since you can apparently get 'em for $6100!! Anyway, the '05 is worth the extra for me simply because of the green sticker issue.

Did you try LA Cycle Sport Yamaha http://www.lacyclesports.com/ located in Marina del Rey? In August, they were quoting $6599 out the door for California residents for 2005 WR450's. My son bought a 2004 WR450F from them 3 weeks ago, $5999 out the door California resident. He reported "no ups no last minute extras"; bike was prep'd correctly and the throttle stop mod had been incorporated. :cry:

I know someone with a street legal '04 for sale :cry:

Top knows what I'm talking about don't you? Chose the '05 over my bike :cry:

Yep, a real nice street legal 04'WR too I might add :cry: :cry:

Yep, a real nice street legal 04'WR too I might add :cry: :cry:


Just giving you grief. Having a heck of a time selling it that's for sure. Last interested guy ended up buying a DRZ instead....money issue. I've heard some guys are too short for the '04 as well :cry:

A DRZ? No way, he screwed up! :cry: :cry:

I am trying to decide if I should sell my DRZ 400 and purchase a WR 450. My only complaints about the DRZ is the weight which is pushing 290 lbs. and the fact that the front end isn't as easy to pop up as the RM 125 I rode before. Is it worth the switch?

A DRZ? No way, he screwed up! :cry: :cry:

Way! He got a used one with some goodies, I think it was the 'S' model.

Seabass, $6700 is the best quote I have gotten and I am planning on buying today.

Hey guys, had to register just to chime in on this one...

Burley, Seabass, where did you get the $6700 quotes from? I'm lookin to buy here real soon and the best I've gotten so far is 7200. :cry: Thanks! :cry:

Call LA Yamaha. They quoted me 6700 OTD. I called again tonite and they said they had plenty in stock. A fellow D37 racer is trying to hook me up with a "bro" deal from a friend of his at Berts, but he thinks the best they can do their is $6700 also. Berts does have '04's, but they want a little over $6300 for 'em. I'm buying an '05 this weekend. Goodbye XR 650, hello WR450! Then of course it's off to BRP to drop a few more C-notes

I just bought - $6300.00 out the door (in Dallas, TX). And it was the only one in town. The 04's are still around - lowest price was $5509.

7g's up here is the best otd price so far.imo the extra price for the 05 is worth the green sticker. :cry:

i've got to give motorcyclebrokers an A+. got my 04' a few months ago for $5600 delivered from canada to colorado. local dealership wanted 6400. i didn't answer any question here. sorry

When I bought my 04' about this time last year Walts Motorsports in AZ had the best price the I could come up with.


Local dealer is asking $5400 for an '04 -- they've got two on the floor. A bit of a haul though... :cry:

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