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which bike??

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Hey guys/gals am a converted road bike rider looking at going into dirt bikes, but am unsure where a good place to start is? Have been doing a little research and like the WR250F. The reviews i have read so far seem to give it a lot of praise, I have also looked into the CRF250X, reviews say it's a good bike but lacks in the power department?? I haven't ridden any of these bikes. So would really appreciate any advice, Pros 😢 and Cons 😢 of either bike. Am looking at buying second hand '01 onwards'.

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i'm your designated hand holder today.

my first task is to provide you with a link to the 250F FAQ,

which is in my sig below.

my second task is to point you towards the search function,

which when used will net you dozens of threads discussing

the pros and cons of the bikes you are looking at. it is

located top dead center of the horizontal menu above this

frame. be sure to select "YZ250F/WR250F" under forum, then

change the search options to "AND" or "OR" as needed, and

finally set the date range out to one year.

my third task is to suggest that you read the threads on the

first page, and then scroll to the bottom of the listing and

hit the number for page 2. continue with this process until

you've had your fill. don't be afraid to go back several

months, as there were LOTS of this-bike-vs-that-bike threads.

my fourth task is to point you towards the following thread,

which will give you some clue about what to look for when

purchasing a used 250F:


for my last task i have to ask you to provide additional information:

- what is your motocross bike riding skill level?

- what bikes have you ridden before?

- are you planning to ride on trails or MX tracks?

- are you planning on racing or riding organized events?

- do you plan on riding at night?

- do you plan on riding short distances on paved roads?

- how far do you plan to ride in one outing?

- what is your weight and height?

- given the choice, would you rather have a lighter bike or electric start?

without this info, we can't help you find the right bike.


jim aka the wrooster

'01 wr250f

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I see you've met Wrooster.....

Get the WR,you'll be surprised at how good a bike it is...

Welcome aboard.

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if you get the wr and need more power, you can always do the yzf upgrade (cams, exhaust, etc) if you want something that is reliable, you have to go the the yamaha.

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If you try the CRF forum you will get the exact opposite answers!! Right guys?!!

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