Radiator fan for XR 650 R ??

Planning on customizing the XR 650R for long distance (TransSiberian Hwy): I understand the bike tends to overheat on hot days at low rate of speed. Is there an aftermarket radiator FAN available anybody has installed? Any other hints, solutions, tricks, suggestions?

Thanks. Any info appreciated.


If your machine is uncorked(jetting,intake mods), there should be no reason for use of a fan on a highway. Unless of course you plan on alot of traffic. This bike is designed to be held WFO in the desert for long durations. I switch to a high-flo thermostat, higher pressure radiator cap, some engine ice coolant and uncorked her and haven't had the slightest bit of overheating. Even in 95 degree eastern trails she's been flawless. :cry:

My Dakar 680R has the oversize IMS radiators AND a 12V 4" fan! Fans are available at any auto parts place, bolt it on behind the right side radiator to the CA emissions mount. Its easy. Run a switched 12V line to it. You will need dc but presumably you have a dual sport kit...there are pictures and a template available at the Yahoo XR650 site in the archives...

After 2 years running the high pressure radiator cap i am now back to the stocker. The higher pressures take their toll on the hoses. For Trans Siberia (i have done plenty of long rides in Asia and Africa) I would go with steel braded hose line, stock cap, and for sure a fan. Trans Siberia will leave your bike covered in grime--radiator heat exchange will be affected. Plus there are plenty of days you wont be going that fast-- traffic, road maintenance (always an issue in the far north-where they can only work for a few months a year) not to mention weather. One AL-Can trip i had rain for 11 days straight!!

Another thing to consider is that most oversize fuel tanks for the BRP cut down amount of air flowing through the radiators....

You might want to consider some 12v heated grips (35watts) and an external power source for an MP3 player...or at least a radio. Dont forget to put on a 15 tooth countersprocket...

Something that comes to mind is an item some Toyota MR2 modders use and thats a small SPAL intercooler fan. Its not specifically for intercoolers, but the MR2 is mid-engine and has lousy airflow in the engine compartment. I think you can get them down to 4 or 6".

If you really need a fan for your Oinker look at this page:

Fan For The BRP Click Here

It was done for slow clrawling stuff. A more durable fan would be wanted but, this page is real good for the bracket and such.

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