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My adjustable pilot screw mod with pics.

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I read a tech tip by Motoman393 on the main page for modding a 426 pilot, and it gave me some ideas. I bought the 3/16" brake line from AutoZone like he suggested for about $2. Got it home and took out the pilot screw. I got to thinking how handy it would be to have a knurled aluminum knob on the end, instead of the bent 90 degree angle that Motoman393 did. I started looking around the garage and found an aluminum jag adapter in one of my gun cleaning kits, that I never used. Perfect!!! I drilled the flared end of the brake line and screwed in the jag adapter. I used the good red loctite ($27 for a little bottle!) and it screwed/hammered in pretty snug, so once it sets up, I am sure it will take a torch to break it loose! Then, I made the overall length 1 1/2" and cut the tube. I drilled in the open end with a 5/32" bit as he suggested, about 1/4 into the tube. I then loctited and installed the pilot into this end. It was a perfect, press fit! To persuade the pilot screw into the tube, I used the left over brake line to slip over the pilot and tapped it in place with a hammer. It worked out great and didn't damage anything!

*Hey, a good tip to remove the o-ring that always stays in the carb....I used a 2 1/2" deck screw. Just clean it well of any manufacturing shavings, and guide it up in the hole, and gently twist it as if to tighten it. This action pulls the o-ring down onto the first thread. Then just pull out the screw and whola! The o-ring is on the end of the screw.*

I guess this wasn't necessary, I just wanted to have it out of the carb so I could make sure all the pieces (spring, washer, and 0-ring) were on the pilot when I re-installed it.

So, I put in the new modded pilot screw and it worked like a charm. I also added some index marks with a sharpie to count the number of turns before I installed it. One solid line and halfway around, a dashed line. Here are some pics. Sorry for the blurryness, this cam I was using didn't have a macro setting.





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