Skid Plate

What's the best skid plate for the 650r?

Moose baja plate. I was gonna get the SRC but the coverage was minimal compared to the moose edition. You won't be dissapointed. It's the one with all the holes in the side. Strong too!

i like the SRC but for sure its minimal. Utah Sportcycles are a good plae to look--they make most of the aftermarket plates...Pro Armour have a very beefy one.

the Touratech unit is the beefiest i have seen but hard to get and expensive.

all the plates are inadequate IMHO. The water pump and especially the hose is very vulnerable in a crash or just close encouter with a sharp branch...i have seen some guys bolt thick plastic (like part of an old handguard) as an extension to protect the top of the water pump and the hose...

Baja Designs, and Billet Racing Products make a good one , same as the moose, holes on the side... I have BRP, cost $75. Nice and Beefy, takes a lickin and keeps on ticken!!! :cry: :cry:

Thanks guys. :cry:

I have a brand new Baja Designs plate, if you're interested you can have it for $50.

Sent you a PM.

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