Good Pictures of Western Mass Riding + Fall Foliage

Here are some awesome pictures of riding in the Pittsfield, MA area and Southern Vermont during foliage season. These were taken by a talented photographer, not myself. They also give you westerners an idea of some of our trail conditions.

Torture should check these pics out. This is what "our" paradise is like. Nice post! Makes the day in the cube much more liveable...

Yeah,That Florida Rd. looked nasty.......

Nice Pic's though :cry: :cry:

Awesome riding and photos! What did you use for maps besides the gps..USGS topos? Did you get up to the Chittenden Res in VT from Mass on open or closed roads? I'll have to get down that way in the spring (am in northern VT). Thanks.

Cool pics. I like the turning of the leaves. Nice vibrant colors and this trail looked the nicest of all... :cry:


SaltyWalrus, Those are awesome pics!

Being a west coast feller, I had the opportunity to ride upstate NY last July with fellow KTM talk bros..They took me on some tree-smackin trails, makes the single track out here look like hwy 80!

Green with envy, - dan

Nice looks like some of the trails I ride in PA. :cry:

Must of been a brillant ride!

Good on you! :cry:

Great Photo's!

Hay Darin,

Long time no hear. I talked with Rusty a bit back and he thought that Brian and himself may be up here the second week of November.

You interested? You should be able to spank me all over the trail on that thing by now. ;-)


I'm in Central CT. I've got to get out to some of those trails!!!!


Just to remind everyone, these pictures were not taken by me. The web site isn't mine and the rides, unfortunately, didn't include me. A guy from the yahoo board was nice enough to send me his link after I posted a about the ride we are planning for Nov. 16th in Pittsfield, MA on the Yahoo board.

Eric, what's up? Thanks for the invite, however, we are planning the ride mentioned above. I posted it on the yahoo board so you, Rusty and friends could see it. This would be a shorter drive for them than going up to visit you! COME ON DOWN!! I am raging along pretty good on the the beast, but still have to stiffen up the suspension. Next spring she will be all tuned in for me!

Great pics. :cry: :cry:

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