XR400 fork springs?

Anyone have some .47-.50kg fork springs gathering dust?

Robert :cry:

Is that the stock rate...What is the stock rate?

Thats not stock, well above. Stock is .39kg, if my memory is correct.

Robert :cry:


I just put the .48 kg on my ride. $100 bucks at Race Tech. :cry: They do have them at the Thumpertalk store a little cheaper...... :cry:

Great mod. since I'm tipping the scales at 265 lbs. :cry:

Thats not stock, well above. Stock is .39kg, if my memory is correct.

I think they increased the spring rate one year, but I don't remember which year it was... I have a 2000, and I THINK the stockers were .42, but I'm not actually sure...

I think Kevin knows the answer to all these questions; he posted a list once of all the little changes they made each year, from about '95 to present... That list should be made into a sticky...

According to the White Brothers suspension catalog (pg 104), '96 - '99 XR400 is 0.38 kg/mm and '00 - present is 0.41 kg/mm :cry:.

I was recommended to get the .52kg springs for my 400, to “balance the bike”. I guess that .52 springs will match the rear shock? I weigh 160, does that sound like the right spring for me? Any help would be great!

I was told 49-52KG, and I weigh 260, so someone has been told wrong.......... I got my info from the chart at 4strokes.com

Robert :cry:

I also weigh around 160, and I've found that around 8.5 - 9.0 kg/mm for the shock and 0.41 - 0.43 kg/mm for the fork seem to work well. Stock rates are shown above. Spring rate suggestions can be found here and here. Make sure you set your sag. I tend to prefer something in the range of 90 - 95 mm race sag on my '99 XR4.

I'm also interested if anybody has a set of fork springs collecting dust. Would like to find a set of the .41's from a '00 and newer.

Likewise...does anyone have a set of the stock 96-99 springs, 0.39 rate....that are still close to the original 510 mm free length? email me at ed.king@avlna.com

As soon as I find some HD springs, mine '98s will be available!

Robert :cry:

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