Multiple chain/sprocket questions

Hey all! I have an 01 YZ426 with stock gearing (14/49) and standard chain. I bought a 13/51 Ironman combo and an X ring 120 link chain. Any goofiness with changing either sprockets? Are there any good chain tools that anyone recommends, and how many links do you typically chop from a 120 link chain to install? Any input appreciated!


When I installed my Ironman's with 13/52 gearing, I think I cut about 8 links out of the chain but I can't remember for sure. I used my Dremel tool to grind the pins down then popped the plate off with a screwdriver to cut the chain. No goofiness in changing the sprockets, just be sure to (at the very least) put some Loctite on the rear sprocket bolts and torque them to spec, many people will suggest replacing the rear sprocket bolts.

Excellent advice above. Only thing I can add is that a bench grinder works great if you have no dremmel. And to size the chain, put it on the bike, position the rear wheel and then pull the ends of the chain together with your hands. Mark the link to cut. Remember you can't cut chain longer, so leave enough slack. And to reiterate, use a torque wrench on your sprocket bolts!

Going from memory, I think the stock chain length (which is 14/49 gearing) is 114L, can someone back me up on this?

Sir, I agree with you on the bench grinder idea. Dont overdo it as I did several years ago.

I believe I overheated the link that I left on the chain that I was grinding. The RK chain let go at about 40 mph. The slap on my leg from the chain felt like something from a 100.00 dollar an hour dominatrix. At least it did not hurt my bike.

I have a 400 and recently put a DID x-ring chain on. I imagine the 426 is the same in regards to chain links.

My manual said chain length should be 114 links plus the master link (115 total). I just took my chain to a dealer (run by a nice older guy) who cut the chain for me; total cost: $2.

As the owner of one each of the DID Xring, and the premium Regina Gold O ring chains, let me first say that the Regina on the 450 is holding up better than the DID on the 250F. They are worth every dime.

Regina also makes a professional quality chain breaker for about $25 that pulls links out of the tough, modern, high quality chains easily, and is also handy for pulling apart the tight fitting master links you find in good chains without beating on sprockets or getting frustrated. If you're going to have motorcycles around for a while, you should get one.

Another handy thing to have in the box is a clamping tool of some kind that will push a master link together. I use a old Motion Pro chain breaker with the pin removed (the pin failed while I was trying to take a Regina chain apart because it was far to weak for the job), and it works well. you can adapt a number of things to this job, or find a tool made for the purpose.

Roll the whole chain over the front sprocket and try different lengths and axle positions until you find what you think will work. When in doubt, cut it to the longer size.

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