need help: buying 02 xr650l

Hi folks, newbie here looking to buy an 02 xr650l from local dealer. Has 2200 miles, and I found out engine was rebuilt under warranty by dealer due to kinked oil hose frying the engine. So it's a new engine. Bike hasn't been crashed from what I can tell, was used by a older guy to ride on his property. Dealer asking $3000 and won't budge on price, so I asked for new headers (they are gunked up and brown, and a new front tire). Oh yeah, bike has extended warranty till march 06, so I thought this kinds of puts the deal over the top.

They also have an 03 with 1900 miles for $4000 and won't budge on that either.

These prices seem in the ballpark. What do you guys and girls think? Should I buy one of these and shut up or keep trying to beat down the dealer a little bit? Any advice appreciated. I'll have plenty of questions later. BTW, I rode dirt as a kid (now 43) and now ride a FZ1 and VTX 1800, both about to go to sleep for the winter here in VT. :cry:

Thanks! :cry:

The 02 for $3,000 looks good considering the rebuild and extended warrenty. KBB shows about $4,000 for the bike so it looks like a pretty good deal!

There are always a few on Ebay at any given moment. Usually with low miles. Most have a pretty low reserve, and I'm sure if you called the seller you could work a deal. Buying from an individual is nice because you don't pay tax (write up a reciept saying $1 sale to use at the DMV for registration), and you can haggle. Dealers rarely loose money on a deal.

Thanks for replies folks. Am gonna get the 02, pick up next week. How can you go wrong with new motor and full warranty till 2006? Cant wait to mod it (jetting, air, suspension, tires, etc) over the winter using this board for direction and ideas.

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