05 XR650L

Is that what you're getting? Pretty damn good! I just picked up my 2005 on Monday. Can't wait to get it dirty. I'm looking at getting a pipe for it. Any suggestions?

The stock pipe can be quite good, grind the welds remove the screws, hook onto the baffle and remove. The jetting needs to be changed, might as well do the air filter (I'll tell you how to build a filter from the OEM piece if you want) . If the sound is too loud, insert a piece of pipe into the muffler(I'll show you how.) the will take alot of the "edge" of the sound. I can't use a lot of power in the deep Florida sand, I need smooth controlable throttle response to get the power to the ground. Have fun.

You are going to love your new 650L, the best 50/50 bike out there. I put 25k on my '96 with minimal maintinance and no headaches. Toss those stock tires as far as you can!

Hello Guys, first post here, I am looking at a 2001 XR650L and I was surprised to find out that it is an air cool motor???. I had the impression that 2000 was the last year for the air cool, and after that all the XR650's were water cool?

Anyway, second question, how much would a XR650L be in Southern Cali. this 2001 goes for $3,000

3rd, would you prefer a water cool or a air cool, I don't know the which one is better, my riding style is mainly to go off road, and occasionaly commuter.

Thanks for the help.

AAAH nothing like a new BRP and living in cali. I still have found memories back in 83 when I was stationed at El Toro in the marines I bought a brand new XL600 and rode everywhere especially in Mojave and El Mirage :cry: I still have alot of pics. when I get a scanner I'll post 'em.

Congrat's :cry:

I just bought a 2005 XR650L. I wanted to get an XR & make it street legal but soon found out in Jan. 2004 you can't register it atleast not in Calif. I haven't got a chance to ride it much yet but I'm takin by BRP out to play in the dirt this weekend.

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