xr400 oil cooler on 600

Anyone tried adapting an oil cooler from the 400 onto an xr600.

It would be nice to have the extra cooling for these tough socal deserts!

any info input would be appreciated!


Xr600 Oil Cooler Kit

Summers Racing Components has exactly that, sorta pricey. You could probably rig something up yourself though.

I read in a magazine in oz once where a crew did this mod on an XR600 that was to be used for the Australian Safari. They used an '86-'95 XR250 cooler as they are apparently easier to fit. They say the hardest part is mounting the cooler and to be careful when you weld mounts on the frame not to put holes in the oil tank! Other than that you just need to tap into the main feed line coming from the oil filter and the return line with the appropriate metric fittings.

Owe you one XR6, i didn't even think about the 250 cooler, I had also thought about the welding issue and was going to try to rig a bolt on bracket of some sort.

Glad I could help migu, good luck with fitting the cooler. Judging by the difference it made to the reliablity of the XR250, it should help the XR6 no end!

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