Bubbling graphics on tank?

I have a 02'WR426 that had the old, worn, yellow original grahics. So I found some cool graphics and followed the directions to the T. Well after about a month or so bubbles are starting to form around the air holes that are punched in the tank graphic. Is this a normal thing? And does anyone know what I can do about it? Thanks.

I've had FX graphics do that to me too. My suggestion, drain all the fuel out and let the sticker adhere better, you may have to use a heat gun too. I'd make sure the tank was nice and warm, bring it up to room temp first too. I've have never had any trouble with One Industries or the OE ones, and the GTY-R ones, but FX...

By chance, were they XGX Grafix? Mine lasted two weeks. The old FMF graphic lasted about 2yrs. I think XGX is useing the wrong type of sticky back for the fuel tanks. Air scoops are fine. :cry:

ohhh im glad i saw this i was thinking of getting some XGX graphics they look awesome. Is anybody else having these probs?

I have a set of one industries V2 graphics that are a couple of years old. I got them new off of ebay and I think the adhesive is too old as I have been fighting to keep the edges down in areas where the graphics were stretched. The shrouds aren't bad, but the tank pieces are turning from white to yellow and I have cut off pieces that I could not get to stay down. :cry:

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