Installation question for Rekluse users

Just purchased the Rekluse auto clutch and going to install it shortly, though when I was checking the parts in the box with those on the list I have found that I am missing the 'Rekluse 3/8 throw out spacer ball'. I have only 30 3/8 balls.

Does this mean I am to use the stock throw ball? or am I to get the proper one?

Help please guys cos this is the only thing holding me up!


:thumbsup:I just installed mine last week in my 01 426 and used the stock ball, my package didn't have a new one. I also had extra spacer washers. Good Luck!! I have been more than impressed with mine and I am heading out this weekend for the official test ride.

I just installed my rekluse clutch about 3 weeks ago and from the instructions I believe that the stock throw out spacer ball is to be left in, and is not included with the kit. You might want to review the list of included parts I don't think it's there. In the Installation guide there is a note at end of step 5.

"NOTE: Make sure the stock throw-out ball spacer remains in the transmission output shaft".

I read over the instructions a few times before doing the install and had no problems.

I've gone for a couple of rides on it now and have been very pleased with the way it's been working, I'm sure you will be too.

i have an 00 and there is no "ball spacer". :cry: i think its 01 and up.

For your information.....

I asked the guys ar rekluse was I supposed to use the stock the stock throw out ball (its a little smaller than the one thats supposed to be in the kit) and they said

"No, do not use the stock spacer ball, call us immediatley so we can have the proper one sent out to you"

So I am waiting for it. I am almost 100% sure thats its identical to the 30 3/8 balls that come in the kit.

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