What do u all think?

I really want a a 450 but my dad says we dont have the money im trying to get a job but there is such a good deal right now on the whole 12 month thing that it looks jsut to good to resist. what do u guys think i should do. sry if i sound like a baby but i am dieing here lol.

Yeah quit your whining. I'm riding a '98 400, and won't be buying a new bike until I get out of school and find myself a job. Also my dad never bought me any bike, so consider yourself lucky you have one currently.

I do understand your desire though. Good luck talking your pops into it. :cry:

One thing to learn is that there is no such thing as a once in a lifetime deal. In fact, the longer you wait, the cheaper the newer bikes will get. Get a job, keep your grades up, and take some pride in the efforts you make to reach a goal you set for yourself. Be willing to sell yours before you go shopping for your new one. Then, be patient enough to find what you want for the price you want to pay, and don't jump on the first thing you see.

Your Dad will be impressed, and, believe it or not, so will you.

Let me ask you this. What are you going to do after the 12 months? How long do you plan on keeping the bike? Unless you plan on having it for more than 3 years or plan on paying it off the 12 month thing is a bad idea. Plus the interest rate is horrendus(sp) after it. If you get a new bike every year or 2 think about what you'll owe and how much you can sell it for when you want to get rid of it. Chances are you wont get what you need.

im planing on trying to pour all the money i make into it to help my dad so we can get it payed off in 12 months. dont know how long i will keep it.

I'm guessing you already know this but $6000.00 / 12 months is $500 a month. :cry: if you can swing it but that's a hefty payment for a bike.

Try looking in the paper ive seen lot's of used bikes that are a couple thousand cheeper than new with the stock tire still on it :cry: it's worth looking :cry:

after seeing this i can't help but think how i hammered my dad with once in a life time deals,but now that i think about it,they weren't!!! :cry: :cry:

You too??? I did as well. My dad had quite a bit of money. He was not rich, but he had plenty. Often times he would let me act on these "once in a lifetime deals"

I bought a brand new Yamaha XS11 (1100) motorcycle for the once in a lifetime deal of 2699.00. It was a terrific price before the shop added "their charges".

By the time I was done, the bike went out the door for over 3100.00. My dad later showed me his paperwork on the exact same bike.....it was 3000, even.

I went to buy a new pick up truck for the first time. My dad said he wanted to tag along.

I had worked out a deal and my father took a look at the paper work. He went over to the sales manager and came back 2 minutes later with the truck for 1100 bucks less.

I felt about 2 inches tall.

I got taught another lesson that day.

Thanks DAD!

throwing all your money into a bike paymen it easyer said then done i try to do it all the time but then you have gass oil maintece if you break something not to mention if you drive and have to pay for your own stuff 500 a month is alot i mean if you have a nice t250f and you really want a 450 save alittle money about a 1000 or morepossibly trade your 250 if you wanna get rid of it then try to finance through yamaha or something i put 1200 down on my bike and am paying 152 a month for the next 28 months now which is stilla bit but cheaper then 500 and if you trade your bike to it will be alot lower payment for you if you have a good down payment and you guys have the credit you need

WEll i would sell my 250f but i wnat to race both classes and am trying to get alot better. im wnating to maybe move up to the a class somtime next year and i wnat to try to be competitive in both clases.

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