sand tire info please!

I'm going to glamis in a couple of weeks please help me with tire selection. I might see the dunes 1-2 or maybe 3 times a year if I like it. I want my first time to be on a paddle tire but I don't want to spend a lot of money in case it's not for me. Is a cheap paddle a bad idea all together or will it get me by just to see if I like it?

I have a dunlop D606F DOT front tire. Should I change back to the MX front tire or will there be no difference? I hate the dual sport DOT front tire but needed it a long time ago to get the street license. I'm just waiting for it to wear out so I can get back to the MX front tire. I wish that Dunlop would handle the dirt as well as it handles the wear from the street. It will make a decent spare if I should change it for the sand.

Thanks S/T.

Buy a Cheng Shin paddle. They are cheap and last a long time. Front tire choice does not matter at the dunes.


There are two basic paddles that most 8 paddle 530 and the 560 10 paddle. The 10 paddle you will need a 13 tooth counter shaft sprocket and a 45 tooth rear sprocket to make it fit with a stock chain.....It is a massive tire you will have just as much fun with an 8 paddle maybe more....just don't keep it at the rev limiter...that's easy with the 8 paddle.

Cheng Chin 10 Paddle on the BRP DSC00009.JPG

I wanna desert ride! Any Deserts on East cost? Maybe Snow hills? :cry: Just Kidding. I am jelous b/c it does look like fun!


I just put on the ching ching 8 paddle...leaving to glamis in the mornign.

Tire cost me $40.

110/100/18 was the size.

I run a skat trak 8 paddle on my 450...

8-cup Ching Ching it is! Thanks for the info, S/T.

8 paddle ching ching kicked ass all weekend...even with my ol lady on the back.

Broke a Baja Designs passenger peg though from moving through the dunes a bit too fast!

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