Storm Link ? Worth it?

I'd like to try one on my '03 450. Is it worth it? Will I notice the difference? I ride 90% Oldtimer MX. About intermediate speed. Anyone want to sell theirs? Thanks guys

i'm selling my 03 450 and parting out various parts. I just put on the storm link (about 2 rides on it) ... i was planning on pulling it back of to sell.

It makes the ride height feel a tad taller .... the front end "carves" more noticeably in corners. I Probably can live with selling for $70.00. Email me at or pm with any specific questions. :cry:

PM'd ya

You won't be sorry.

You won't be sorry.

ditto.... :cry:

Thanks guys.

It's sweet. A good buy for sure. :cry: :cry:

Ditto here!!!

After installing the link did you guys have to change any suspension settings?

Who sells the storm link? I would like to see one.

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