best pipe?

have a 2004 yz450f and do desert. time to upgrade the exhaust. what is the best aftermarket pipe?oh yes i must use a spark arrester.i know this was probobly covered but i couldn't locate the post. :cry: :cry:

Not sure there is a "best". It all depends on what your looking for...low end or I assume you want top end for desert? Let us know what you want and I can assure you someone has the correct recommendation for you.

I always say the "best" pipe is a free one.......

A Jemco would work nice but it doesnt have a spark arrestor

I know its comparing apples to oranges, but I have an 02 Raptor and put a White bros E-series pipe and it made a huge difference.....Whats the nearest desert to you. :cry:

sorry for not being more specific but a pipe with mid-range is most desireable to me.have raptor too[hence my call signature] with a full yoshi on it and it is nearest riding desert is 3miles out my door.terrain is similar to califoria hi-desert areas[some vegetation]. giant arroyo's and washouts ,deep sand, very few dunes :cry: :cry:

I run Jardine it has a spark arrestor and does awesome in the sand. I go to Sand mountain about once a month.

I would go with an FMF Titanium series setup..... Good overall power and well worth the price..

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