Handguard Install Question

First off I'd like to say thanks to this site and all of it's members for making this a valuable resource!!!

I just purchased 2005 WR450 and in the process of personalizing everything I came across a question today.

I was installing a set of Cycra Pro-bend handguards and on the throttle side it confused me. The '05 has Renthals standard and the throttle tube extends out from the bar maybe 1/2 inch. My other bikes the bars and tubes were more flush so my question is on where to cut for the SAFE installation of the guards????? It looks like if I try to chop it off and leave the bar slightly exposed (1/8 inch) I'll loose too much of the grip. Do I move the throttle in and then adjust the left side grip to equal??? Or do I just trim the edge of the tube and leave it sticking out ???

I feel like this is a weird question but, none of my other bikes have been like this.

Any help would be appreciated and once again, Thanks to everyone for making this a great place to learn!!!!!!!!

Drill a 3/4" hole in the end of the throttle tube and cut a similar size hole in the new grip install the tube in the normal poisition almost touching the bar end internally. The hand guard bolt should not go in to deep so that the throttle tube and grip are free to turn. :cry:

Ditto, just be sure throttle does not bind. adjust as needed.

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