Riding in Kentucky

I just moved to Ft Knox, KY. Is there any good trail riding around here. Preferably within an hours drive.



Most of the riding I know about is more like 2 hours away from Fort Knox. LBL just south of Paduch, Redbird (Daniel Boone Forest 30 minutes east of London) S-Tree/Turkey Foot (Daniel Boone Forest 30 minutes east of Berea). I know there are others but these are all worth the drive. :cry:

Thanks a bunch. I will have to check the map to see where these places are. I know the D B forest is SE of Knox a ways. I don't mind driving to ride but it's nice to not have to take an entire day off for riding.

Kind of off topic but do you guys run stock jetting down here? Right now mine is set up for 10000 feet. I definitely need to retune. Plan on doing that Saturday.


Contact some locals and find out where there may be riding on private land. There are many riders who legally ride on Private land in the Louisville & E-Town area. You just have to have a buddy that knows a buddy that has an uncle that knows................ :cry:

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