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Yosh or CHM?

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I've been looking for a new exhaust system, and kind of narrowed my choices down to these. I'm looking at the stainless steel systems (TRS from Yosh, Ovate from CHM) from both companies. I've been riding mostly track lately, but get out to the the desert/mountains quite a bit in the cooler months. I do have sound considerations when going off road, so no Jemco or TA for me. I have seen and heard both systems at the track, and really like the both of them. They both have inserts available to deal with the sound issues, both are stainless low boy type headers, and both appear to have excellent fit and finish. The heat sheild attachments on the Yosh make it a little more appealing to me, but I've read the awsome low/mid power the CHM makes is tough to beat.

Anyone have any input or long term use reports that may sway me one way or the other? Thanks all.

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