wr250f or wr450

I am a beginning rider and was wondering whether I should buy a wr250 or a wr450. I'm 6'2" and weigh 210lbs. I will basically be riding trails and stuff like that. I was thinking that the 250 would be easier to handle and be better for me since I am a beginner, but then I started thinking about my size. What is the difference as far as handling? The specs say that the 450 is 16 lbs heavier dry. Is that a significant difference?

The 250 is plenty of bike and easier to learn to go faster on. Unless you are going to do very nasty steep hillclimbs you would enjoy the 250 better for most trail riding. :cry:

The 250 will be fun for a while ... until you start craving more ... but of course you could always purchase upgrades for more and then you'd be at the price of a 450 and maybe then some. My advice is the 450. The 250 is great but the 450 is better.

Depends on what kind of riding you do.

If you do a lot of tight single track the 250 is a better

choice than the 450. I have a 99 400f and wish i had a 250F.

More power + tight trails = less handleing.

I find my WR 400 makes me more tired and slower than my buddies WR 250 in tight single track.

Where do you ride?

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