street legal ohio

can anyone help with info on legalizing a wr426 for the street in ohio?

Just did it with 2 other guys.

First get a salvage title pemit form from the d.m.v.

Then send your hard earned 50 bucks to columbus.

Then wait 2-3 weeks.

Then take your paid reciept and bike with all mods to your local state highway patrol inspection station.

they might even make you take it out of the truck. You can ride it there on the day of inspection with your reciept.

They didn't even test my bike at all they just gave it a look, then handed me my approval for a steet title.

Then go to the title bureau and title and lisense your street legal wr426 :):D:D

If you need more info from me e-mail me at

p.s. I had a set of s-12 michelins on the bike they never said a word.(don't think they can cuz there is no law about d.o.t. approval on tires}

no speedo required..

Vince is absolutely correct about the "proper" way to do it.

Here is another option.

Install your Baja Designs kit.

Look at the title you received from your dealer.If it is a regular title and does not say, "off road use only" then just take it to your title bureau and get your plates.

It all depends on what type of title you received from your dealer.

hey carverdude hope all is well. maybe we will have another ohio rider to duelsport with.

there is a wr400/426 baja designs kit on ebay with a reserve of $270 retail is $439

p.s. carverdude

I hope all is well maybe we will have a new ohio wr duelsporter to ride with soon.

found some new trails come down to ride soon.


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