How does accleration feel on a 426 compared to my 00 YZ250?

Trying to get a feel for this bike. Is it quicker? I imagine it would be smoother. How about for trail use (not tight trails)? Thanks.

There is no way to describe this. You just need to try one yourself. It is a COMPLETELY different animal.

I just noticed you said yz250

I think you will notice the weight at first.

And the decompression breaking.

Havent riden a 2-stroke in some time. What I remember they both are point and shoot

It's like comparing the acceleration of a Porsche to that of a 454 Chevelle. It's huge, thunderous, brutal, and pretty much anytime you want it, regardless of engine speed. The bike makes more than 26 ft/lbs of torque from 3600 rpms clear to the rev limit

And it's amazingly linear and controllable with the throttle. You want more or less, just dial it up or down.

Like the man said, it's COMPLETELY different. :cry:

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