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First Ride Impressions from 01 YZF to 05 YZF

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Wow, what a difference! The 05 handles corners much better, being able to get up on the tank. It's still top heavy, and I'm short 5'6" but it turns much easier than the 01. But of course an 03 will turn much better as well.

I noticed the bike's lightness in the air, the rear end seemed to kick out a bit easier.

Power: My 01 is geared 13-50 with a Dr. D pipe and the stock 05 pulls corners much better, and revs quicker.

Suspension: I'm heavy, 225 without equipment. I didn't mess with any settings nor set the sag. It seemed to soak up the little stuff pretty good. Flat landings, etc. seemed a bit harsh, but I didn't bottom out!

Am I glad I plunked down the cash for a new ride! Anyone in Western PA want to buy an 01 YZF?


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